Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amelia's Baptism

You can read about Amelia's baptism here:


This is the blog that I use for Amelia's "stuff". As soon as the casting is over, I'll probably just move to this blog exclusively.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Elise's first sleepover

Elise had her first sleepover back in August with our her best friend, TiaBella. TiaBella lives two houses down, so I wasn't too concerned since it would be pretty easy to walk to her house and bring Elise home if there was any trouble.

I told Elise that she was spending the night with Tee and that she needed to gather her things. Elise shot upstairs like a missile and quickly started to pack her backpack~without any help, instructions or guidance. Less than fifteen minutes later, she proudly walked into the kitchen and announced that she was ready to go. When I asked her if she packed everything that she needed, she replied yes. Naturally, I asked her if I could check her backpack and she gladly handed it over. Imagine my surprise when I opened the backpack and the only thing it contained was Elise's very so precious stuffed animals, not one stitch of clothing, a toothbrush, pillow, just stuff animals. Needless to say, we returned to her room and I explained to her the necessary items for a sleepover.

Amelia wanted to go along so badly, but alas, this was not her time. Elise was a little indignant, but TiaBella was more than ready to explain to the "baby" why she couldn't come on this little adventure. I didn't hear a peep all night and I awoke the next morning surprised at the fact that it was 7 a.m. and I didn't get a phone call all night.

The sleepover was a great success and I even had to call and ask when my daughter might be returning home. She had a delightful time and the behavior report was stellar so I guess we are safe to try sleepovers again. Maybe the next one will be at our house....if and when Tee is ready for that.

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