Thursday, February 12, 2009

Perfect Balance

Been absent for awhile. Life seems to just get a little overwhelming sometimes. I'd like to say it's crazy, but overwhelming is a better adjective! Crazy is such a common term, insane is probably more appropriate when it comes to our house.

I'm excited to say that the perfect balance has been restored to our home. Yes, we have a new dog!

On Thanksgiving day, a lovely family from Mississippi introduced us to Giggsey. They traveled all the way from the South to visit family in our area and brought Giggs along just for us to meet. I was hesitant since Giggs was 15 months old and had been living with another family that decided their lifestyle wasn't conducive to owning a dog. So, Giggs returned to his breeder where he was socialized with four other Airedales. I worried about him being around small children since he was unaccustomed to them. I wasn't worried about my girls, they love big dogs and are petrified of small dogs. Rather odd, if I do say so myself, but that's my girls. When they arrived, I went outside to greet them and Giggs jumped right on me. My heart soared and his owner said, "That answers that question, Giggs has a new home if you'll have him." It took me about two seconds to decide he was mine. I so miss Gordie, but Giggs eases that ache.

When I was a child, my family raised Airedales, the "King of the Terriers". We had several and I loved them all. The first dog I ever held in my arms when it was necessary to put her down was our Airedale, Sheba. At the time, I hated my dad for making me take her to the vet. It was brutal and heart wrenching, but it's something I hold close to my heart now. When Gordie left us, I knew I would get another dog, but not a chow. My heart wasn't ready for that. So an Airedale was the next choice. I searched and couldn't find one. I looked at rescues, but they were all described as "not good with small children".

I'm happy to say that Giggs has "laid in" here. He's fiesty, happy and excitable. He always has a smile on his face. I allow him on the sofa (YIKES) and he even sleeps with me when Steve is out of town (Double YIKES). Yes, he is quite spoiled. But I will say that it's rather lovely to have him curl up next to me on the sofa or the bed. He's a comfort~woman's best friend. Yes, he is my dog. He likes everyone in the house, but loves me best. I guess he just knows my heart. A heart that is once again full with the company of a beautiful canine.

Welcome home Giggsey!

“The Airedale can do anything any other dog can do, then lick the other dog, if he has to.” Teddy Roosevelt
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