Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Saturday Wrestling Results from the Coaches Classic

Tucker got home at 11:30 p.m. on Friday night, took a much needed shower and then we ate some spaghetti. Gotta have those carbs!! We had a discussion about his pending match. He was dreading this match (so was I). We knew it would be one of the toughest he would face in the tournament. If he won this match, he would probably win the tournament. If he lost, he would fall to the losers bracket and the highest placing would be third. After much debate, Tucker's father and I determined that one of his biggest problems was his confidence. He is lacking terribly in that department. I told him that no matter what match he was wrestling in, he needed to KNOW and BELIEVE that he was the person to matter who the other wrestler was. I told him this because I see those some of those boys out on that mat totally intimidating their opponents. Their confidence or cockiness is astounding. Some of them are very impressive, others are just cocky and need to have their heads deflated a bit. I explained to him the difference between cocky and confident. He seems to think they are the same thing. All in all, a nice midnight chat with my incredible son!
Saturday morning came early. Tucker needed to be at the school at 8 a.m. and he said the meet started at 9:30 a.m. I knew this wasn't true but didn't go in to that with him. I have learned that he needs to have his parents there when the team is warming up....even if that is an hour before the meet starts. So naturally, we arrived early and watched the warm ups. This photo is of all the teams warming up on the mats Saturday morning. There were 23 teams there but only 22 returned on Saturday.
Lots and lots of wrestlers - 23 total teams
Can you smell it?????
Nerves can't describe how I was feeling when it was his turn to wrestle. I knew he would be in for the match of his live...this kid is tough (or a stud as we dub the best wrestlers). He opponent has wrested for five years (Tucker is in his second year), he has a private wrestling coach and trains year round (Tucker starts training in November for December matches). Of course the coach only shared this information with Tucker after the match. No one wants to be foretold of the impending doom! Unfortunately, Tucker lost the match 8-0. He did not get pinned, which was a bonus. I will say that there was a moment when I thought I would come out of the stand and hurt someone. This kids literally picked Tucker up off the ground and threw him to the floor like a small sack of potatoes....did I mention his was a stud??? It wasn't a good moment for me...fortunately, I wasn't video taping. Tucker has to take a medical time-out. After the match, he had a pounding headache. We gave him some ibuprofen and made his lay in the bleachers and sleep for about 1 1/2 hours. When he woke up, he felt much better. He wrestled two more matches and won both to secure third place. The kid he lost to in the 3rd round, went on to win the weight class. Tucker wrestled the kid that came in second a week ago and pinned him to win second place in the previous tournament. So, according to records, Tucker was ranked #2 after the meet. It just so happened that he met the "winner" of the weight class too early in the bracket or he could have probably gotten second place. I know, I sound like a typical parent. Tucker's record is 17-3. That's pretty impressive. This weekend is the GMC tournament. He has a good chance of placing very high or even winning. I'll keep you posted!
92 Pound Weight Class winners. Tucker is #3.

Lakota Ridge Wrestlers that received medals from the meet....with their coaches. We were only missing one of the boys for this photos.

There was a professional photographer at the meet and I'm waiting for those photos. I'll post them when I get them.
Other things going on: I have two other blogs you might want to check out and I'm working on one for Elise. You can find them in my favorite blogs on the side bar of this blog. They are for Amelia!
I've decided to transfer all of the posting from the Yahoo group and start a blog that everyone can read. I'll let you know when it's ready to look at.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Praise the Lord and pass the pizza....

My tech guy just called and he had good news and bad news. Good news first...He was able to save all my data....HALLELUJAH! Bad news is that I will have to reload all my software since he could not clone my old hard drive. YIPPEEE! I can pick it up tomorrow. I promised him that I would leave my broom at home. Let me backup a second...when I dropped off my computer on Friday, I was not in the best of moods. He literally stuck his head out of his office and pointed at the front desk and sheepishly said, "You can leave it right there!" I obediently put the machine on the desk, saluted and road my broom out of their office. They are great guys. I don't know what I would do without them...probably go postal or something like that.

So, I'll have photos tomorrow and more updates.

I can't tell you what a relief it is knowing my machine it going to be o.k. I do like Steve's laptop. The keys "click" so nicely and all that stuff. It's rather decadent to use a new PC. BUT, I can put whatever I want on my computer and I'm not comfortable doing that on Steve's.

So, until tomorrow. Happy Blogging everyone!


PS I'm starting a Survivor Fiji Fantasy League. Let me know if you are interested in joining and I'll send you an invitation!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Another Day WITHOUT my computer

Yep, you read correctly. My computer has been gone all weekend and is still not home. I guess our tech guy had the stomach flu all weekend and didn't get to it until today. So, I am suffering from withdrawal. Although, I readily admit that I LOVE Steve's laptop. It's sweet! I foresee a new laptop in the near future. I just can't put the kind of things on this computer as I would on my own. Get where I'm coming from????

I was also at a wrestling meet all weekend. Let me rephrase, Friday night and all day Saturday, not ALL weekend, just 75% of it. My weekend is a blur of 12-13 & 14 year old boys (some of them were MEN!) throwing, sparring and squishing one another on the mats.

I have loads of photos that need to be uploaded, but I can't do that without my computer. So, until them...I will just have to be satisfied with small blurbs.


Friday, January 19, 2007

I am stuck in Computer Hell

Yes, it's true. It happens to me every single tax machine has some sort of out of body experience and I end up completely panic-stricken, yelling at tech people from India and the Philippines, trying to get my machine to work correctly. I just want to turn it on and have it work without any kind of error what so ever. Not can't ever be that simple.

So, my poor computer is at the computer hospital getting a new hard drive. We can only hope that I have her back sometime on Monday. For now, I'm using my wonderful husband's computer...that means no photos until mine comes back. I don't want to download anything to this machine. He already informed me to be sure I erased everything that I put on it...GEEZ!

I spent all of this evening sitting on the very hard bleachers at Reading High School at a wrestling meet. Yep, we are at it again this weekend. This is a two day meet dubbed "The Coaches Classic". There are 23 teams there from the Cincinnati area. Let me say this...their gymnasium is not large enough for 23 teams, their stinky gear and all the parents. It's crowded, hot and stinky. Did I mention it was stinky???? I've learned to dress appropriately... in layers. I can't even tell you how hot it is in those bleachers. Then the space to sit down...there is none. It's so packed that you can't help but step on gym bags and people's coats. It's not like they have coat checks at a wrestling meet (although I think a club or team could make a great deal of money providing that service).

So you know the drama of the meets...let me give you the time line of today...

3:24 p.m. Tucker phones from school telling me that the bus is leaving for the meet (the meet is about 20 minutes from the house and is suppose to start at 4:30 (according to our website schedule). But I checked the other schools schedules and it suppose to start at 5:30 hmmm..

4:00 p.m. Call Tucker's dad to ask him is ETA at our house to determine departure time for the meet

4:10 p.m. Depart our house for the meet

4:15 p.m. Receive phone call from Tucker telling us that his team is warming up. "Where are you at Mom, when are you gonna get here?" me: "10 minutes, Son. We'll be there."

4:25 p.m. Arrive at Reading High School for meet. Go to gym to pay entrance fee...very nice gentleman says,"Go ahead and go in, we're not collecting money yet. We'll clear the gym in a little while to get your entrance fee".

Are you hearing the bells and whistles going off??? Yep, we are way, way early.

5:15 p.m. Exit gym and go to cafeteria and pay the entrance fee.

5:25 p.m. Find seats in stand. Tucker joins us. Ask son if he has any idea when he'll wrestling? Answer: "No."

5:30 p.m. Wrestling meets starts at the designated time....hmmm...wonder why we didn't know that???

5:35 p.m. Announcement that weight brackets are now on sale and can be purchased for $1. There's a mad rush of parents from the stands to get the bracket. Fortunately, no one injured themselves trying to get out of the "cozy" spot back down to the cafeteria to buy their bracket.

5:40 p.m. After reading said bracket, discover that Tucker has a "bye" AGAIN since he's second seed in the tournament. There's something to be said for not being seeded #1.

9:00 p.m. Tucker gets on the mat for his first match.

YES, you read that correctly... 9 P.M. My butt is sore, my head is throbbing from the heat. I've had a power bar at around 8 PM. I had to steal my son's power bar for fear that my sugar level would drop and I would become the "Wicked Witch of the West". Fortunately for everyone, that did not happen.

9:30 p.m. We leave the match. Tucker stays with the team because he has to "weigh out" and they still have several matches to go.

9:50 p.m. Arrive home to a lovely glass of Chardonnay waiting for me on the island. DH has spaghetti ready to go on the stove for Tucker since he needs the carbs for tomorrow. Unfortunately, Tucker is not with me. So the food goes in the frig.

10:00 p.m. Hear Elise through the monitor...go upstairs and rock her for awhile. We sing ABCs, One Little Indian, Jesus loves Me and In a House.

10:10 p.m. Put the Empress back in bed after much snuggling and smooching

10:35 p.m. Tucker calls, "Mom, can I spend the night with Jared and Tyler?" me: "Are you kidding me...NO!!" Tucker: O.K.

10: 38 p.m. Tucker calls again..."Mom, can you come and get me?" Well NO, because Steve is out with friends, Elise is in bed and Matt is asleep! UGH....I'm freaking out because he needs a good spaghetti dinner before bed and he needs to get a good nights sleep.

11:08 Tucker calls and tells me that the team is leaving.

So now I'm waiting to go pick him up, feed him some dinner and put him to bed. But first, I have to give him a huge pep talk because he faces one of his toughest opponents tomorrow....Mason. The kid from Mason is a stud, but Tucker is pretty amazing too! He won his match tonight with a pin. He should have had a pin in the first period but the referee was waiting for a Presidential invitation before he called it and time ran out. I was videotaping the match. I HATE the fact that you can hear what I say. I'm typically pretty quiet....I know that shocks many of you, but it's true. Tucker's dad won't sit next to me so he can't be heard on the tape. Let's just say that I'm going to need some "voice-over" work on this particular match. I wasn't very complimentary to the's true. I was down right ugly! Back to said pep talk...he needs to believe in himself. He needs to believe that he's "The Man!" He doesn't think he's good, but he is. He's amazing for a kids that has only wrestled for less than two year. His record is 15-2....YOWSA! He's never been to a wrestling camp or anything like that. I can only imagine what he could do if he had.

Well, I'm off! To pick up Tuck, give him a pep talk and hit the sack.

Good night to you all. Send up good prayers for a successful day tomorrow! I tell Tucker that my prayer is that he will win or loss with dignity and pride.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Black Eye" Update & My newest "Nemesis"

It just keeps getting better....that black eye. I've attached two new photos taken on Tuesday. It's really icky now. Yes, it is as puffy as it looks.

I can't decide which view shows it better. All I know is that when Elise went to preschool yesterday, the first word out of the teacher's mouth was "OUCH"! What can I say, she's a real pistol ;-)
Elise had a play date with Tia Bella today. I had to get the poor kid out somewhere to burn off some energy. Nap time has been a challenge this week since she hasn't been able to go outside and play. We went to a place that had a HUGE indoor jungle gym type thing. I ended up going through most of it with Elise and Tia Bella and Tia Bella's mom (Margie). As we were crawling through one of the tubes, Margie yelled back at me...."Aren't you glad we can do this with our kids?" All I could say was, "Yes, but remember you are 12 years younger than me!"
The joys of being an older parent...I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank the Lord I'm healthy and CAN climb through that stuff at the ripe old age of 43. Elise is sleeping like a log as I type this :-)

My Nemesis
But it's just a pair of boots! That's what you are thinking, I know it. And yes, it is a pair of boots. They are "long range" hiking boots from L.L. Bean. They are the bane of my existence right now. I intend to wear these boots while hiking this summer at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico. But first, they must be "broken in". That means clunking around the house with them on (as well as thick hiking socks). Why clunk around the house? One reason only, if they don't feel right, I will need to return them. You can't return shoes that have been wore outside, hence the clunking around inside. So I will clunk around a few more days and attempt to determine if they feel "good". Then it will be up to me to be sure they are "well broken in" (the description on the Official Philmont Packing List) before our first "prehike " on February 24th. I am in complete denial that the prehiking is beginning in a month. I don't even know if this is a day hike or any overnight hike. I'm praying that it is a day hike since it is February and I cringe at the thought of pitching a tent and sleeping in it February (let's not even talk about potty time!).

That's all for today. We are gearing up for another HUGE wrestling meet this weekend, The Coaches Classic. We will be there Friday night and Saturday (all day). Please pray for can how I get.


PRAYER REQUEST: Tucker's dad is going through a "reorganization" of sorts at work. Pray that he maintains his current job status. Thanks!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Tale of the Terrible Trampoline

Santa brought Elise a trampoline for Christmas. Yes, I can just hear you all saying, "You've got to be kidding me? She has a what???" But before you decide that I am completely insane, let me tell you about the thought process for this gift. Elise loves gymnastics, particularly the trampoline. I thought it would be a great way for her to expel some energy on those cold winter days when she can't get outside. It has a bar for her to hold on to, so she won't fall off. There is a padding, albeit a thin one, around the perimeter of the tramp. It should be fine or so I thought. (Some one just said, "There she goes thinking again!" I heard it!)

She loves the tramp! She will jump on it while she's watching Baby Einstein or Signing Time or whatever. BUT.....she does have a tendency to raise her legs rather high and cause the back legs to come off the ground. Have I mentioned lately that she's a little rambunctious????? She has yet to tip the thing over, we can only hope she doesn't. Only time will tell.

The tramp is stationed in our family room (until the basement if finished). It doesn't really cause any problems there, it moves out of the way when not in use....seems to be working out rather well. Well, last evening, while Baba was watching football, Empress Elise bolted into the family room and did a "face plant" right into trampoline. The crying ensued and it took Baba about 15 minutes and an ice pack to calm her down. Needless to say, a bruised raised up instantly on her cheekbone. I don't know what it is about Asian skin, but when she gets a bruise, it's a doozie! I've posted a few photos for your enjoyment. I couldn't let this little incident pass.

This is my trampoline.....

I hold on to this bar and jump really high.....
Check out the left cheekbone
A side view....

Glad those home study visits are over ;-)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday.....A day at the "Mats"

Today was spent in Lebanon, Ohio at a 13 school wrestling tournament. I arose at 6:30 a.m. to be sure that Tucker arrived at his school no later than 7 a.m. for the 30 minute bus ride to Lebanon. I must confess that I rarely change from my PJs for the short jaunt to the school since we stay off the main roads and the school is less than one mile away. So off we go in my flannels and Bean slippers. I no sooner walked in the door at 7:15 and the phone was was Tucker. "Mom, I can't find my head gear." Those of you who know anything about wrestling, know that this is an essential piece of equipment for the sport. You can't wrestle without it and you DO NOT want to borrow your buddy's headgear. There's a thing called "Cauliflower Ear" that a wrestler can contract from sharing their headgear. It's painful and very, very ugly and can cause permanent scarring. I have forbidden him from sharing or borrowing any one's headgear. It's a rule and one I will NOT bend on. So now I'm rifling through his room trying to find his headgear. He's rifling through his locker at school, the coach is yelling at him (I can hear this through the phone). I'm yelling at him telling him things like; you need a check list to keep track of these things, your inability to keep track of your things should not constitute an emergency on my part. Things like this. By now, the entire house is awake. How can they not be after all of the Hub-Bub!

Fortunately, I was able to locate his headgear from last year. I bolted down the stairs, launched back into "Black Betty" (that's what we have affectionately dubbed my Envoy) and scooted back over to the school is as safe a manner as possible. Well...........when I arrived, there was no school bus. There was a bus there when I left the first time, but no bus now. Do I need to remind you that I have on my PJs and slippers and IT'S RAINING!!!!! After inspecting two doors (in my PJs), I realize that they have departed the school for the tournament. I carefully, but not calmly, return home to get dressed and go to the tournament. But first, I needed to call my beloved son. No wait, he's calling me again as soon as I get home FOR THE SECOND TIME. "Hey Mom, we left the school already." Well DUH!!!!! That wasn't all I said. It wasn't one of my finer moments as a parent. But let's be honest, I was at my wits end. He calls me in a panic looking for the headgear, he needs it to wrestle, can't wrestle without...Do you get the picture???? I inform him that I will get the gear there as quickly as I can without killing myself or anyone else. If he misses a match, then he'll learn to keep track of his stuff! Think life lesson here. I'm out of the house by 8:15, the tournament starts at 9 a.m. I've got plenty of time, or so I think.

I zip over to Lebanon but not without receiving ONE more phone call from my son informing me that the tournament is at the HIGH school, not the middle school. "Got it", I said. Yep, you guessed it...he was WRONG. I drove right past the middle school and after about five miles, realized I was not going to the right place and had to turn around and go back. In the mean time, Tucker has called me yet again to tell me to hurry since he will be wrestling soon. Again, not one of my finer moments when I told him "tough bounce". "I'll get there when I get there". I arrive BACK at the middle school at 8:55 a.m., double park Black Betty only after jamming the SUV into park when she's still rolling (can you hear the transmission grinding????) and running inside to hand him his headgear. So, I made it....just in time....or so I THOUGHT. Let me back up and say that Tucker's father called me and asked me to please not "Chew his rear before the match. He won't have his head in the match and he already called me all upset." Too late, Bucko! His rear end is already missing a big chunk out of it and if he doesn't need plastic surgery to repair it, it will be only by the grace of God. Again, not one of my finer moments as a parent....did I mention that?

I return to move my illegally parked vehicle, gather my belongings and scurry back into the building to watch my son that has claimed that he will be wrestling very soon. I find a spot, video camera and digital camera in hand, ready to capture the match. His first match was not until 12 noon!!!! Yes, you read that correctly....I waited THREE HOURS for his first match. Since he was the second seed in his weight class, he lucked out with a couple of byes (no opponents) and he did not wrestling his first match until noon. Alright, stop laughing. Yes, the joke is on me. I know it, you know it, etc. He did win his first match in 40 seconds. He pinned the young man and that was the end of that match. My poor sister, pulled into the parking lot right as the match started and she missed the entire thing since it only lasted 40 seconds. He then did not wrestle again until 3 p.m. in the championship match. Did I happen to mention the numbness in my back side that I started experiencing around 1 p.m.? Yes, that is also true...I need one of those fancy seats to sit in.

Let's not forget the distinctive aroma that can only come from a wrestling meet. As I entered the stands and climbed to the top to find a seat behind my son's team, I noticed the smell. It's unmistakable....that stench. Tucker's equipment is currently soaking in a tub of Febreeze (God bless the team that created that stuff at P&G). Then there's the heat of all those bodies pressed into one place.....I had my moments when I thought I might pass out. YOWSA! And what's with that AXE stuff the boys spray on themselves to cover up the smell. I have banned that stuff from my's deplorable! Sorry, I'm digressing!

The final match rolls around and he's wrestling a kid that is undefeated (13-0). This kid has his friends try to intimidate Tucker by telling him how "bad" he (Tucker's opponent) is and he's undefeated, etc. I told Tucker he needs to casually throw out something like, "Cool! I'm 10-1 myself, an expert marksman and a lifetime member of the NRA (wink). How 'bout yourselves?" I told him attitude is everything. We need to work on his "comebacks" with these kids. Don't let them get the last word.....Look them in the eye, don't crack a grin until you are finished saying what you have to say, wink and walk away. (Don't forget people, I started the day off badly. Did I mention I spilled coffee all over me and my seat on the second trip to the school to take him the headgear when he has already left....Minor detail!) The only problem with those comments is that these kids grew up out where I the chances of them being all of those things that Tucker could have stated are greater than 50%. So, he would need to throw in there that he's a straight A student and fast tracking it to be an Eagle Scout before he's 16....that would definitely get them! But then again, the species hasn't evolved much out in that area in the last 25 years since I left. It's sad, but true!

So, Tucker got a big life lesson in his final match. He lost in the second what we consider to be a VERY questionable call by the referee. He said the kid pinned Tucker, but it was at the very end of the period....the kid didn't have control and the ref slapped the mat AFTER the time keeper ended the period. It was very discouraging since the score was 2-0. But again, it's a life lesson. Tucker got hosed, but I told him that won't be the last time something like that happens. Hold your head high and be proud of yourself. He got second place in a 13 team tournament and his team got third place overall. So, it was a good day for Lakota Ridge Wrestling.

I'm finished for now. This wrestling thing wears me out. I get so worked up and nervous. So now I'm off to find some flannel PJs that don't have coffee stains and curl up in bed with HGTV softly playing in the back ground. Elise is tucked into bed with her purple blanket, Nemo and baby. Steve is out playing soccer, Tucker is with his dad and Matt is playing computer games (or more likely talking to Jessica). All is right with the world at the Wells Ranch. I leave you with some photos from the match today.

Top four in the 92 pound class. Tucker is second from the right.
Lakota Ridge Junior School "A" Wrestling Team - 3rd Place at Lebanon Invitational Meet. Tucker is standing on the far right.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Two years ago and so forth and so on.....

This is the first photo that we saw of our daughter on January 6, 2005....isn't it just precious....

Here she is today, in front of the Christmas tree pointing at her Elmo ornament.....

I don't know what to say other than how very blessed we are to have her as our daughter. She is a real pistol. I often tell people that it's rather interesting how I had to travel half way around the world to find a child just like me. Heaven help us all!!!

We spent a few days in Chicago before Christmas. Our oldest, Matthew, was there with the Lakota West Symphonic Winds Band performing at the Midwest Band Clinic. The performance was about an hour long and they were just incredible. I would like to say the trip was perfect, but the weather was a little rainy, but not too cold. Tucker wasn't thrilled with shopping the "Magnificent Mile", but it was a nice little get away for us.

Matthew is third from the left. His girlfriend, Jessica is beside him.

Matthew will also be the section leader for the trombones in the Lakota West Marching band next year. The band was also selected to go to the 2008 Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena. It's quite an honor and he is very excited about it.

We celebrated Christmas with Steve's mom a little early since we were not going to be able to do it after the Holidays. She was able to come to our house and spend a few days and she actually got to see Matt's band do a dress rehearsal performance before they left for Chicago. It was wonderful that she was able to see him play.

Matt with Grandma and Jessica.

We spent Thanksgiving at our house with my family. I don't have any photos since I was busy cooking. Steve took some photos with his camera phone....needless to say, they aren't good enough to publish. I keep asking him to use the digital camera, but he won't. Oh well, no Kodak moments to share, just thoughts. Dad, Lisa, John, Candy and Patrick were here for Thanksgiving. It's always too loud and too much food, but it's one of my greatest joys....having everyone here for dinner. I always set the table with Granny's good china and we sit down the good ole fashion way and have eat. I never mind how long it takes to cook or how much of a mess there is to clean up. I love having everyone in one place.

Christmas was overly calm. The boys were gone and it was just Steve, Elise and myself. We went to my sister's house on Christmas Eve for dinner. We got to meet her new addition, Roxie. Elise was a little mystified by her. This photo tells it all:
I do believe Elise thinks Roxie is going to take Elmo.

The only caption fitting for this next photo is probably...."Katie-BAR THE DOOR!"

The New Year was rang it relatively quietly here. We walked to the neighbors for a short time and then had Elise at home and in bed before 10 p.m. I heard the new year ring in from bed....I just can't stay awake like I used to.

I'll leave you with this final photo of Elise on Christmas morning have a bit of a snack with her new friends.

Happy New Year everyone. We're holding out prayers for a safe and prosperous year for everyone.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Where oh where have I been????

Hello everyone! I know, it's been FOREVER since I've updated this blog. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years have come and gone. It's pathetic, I know. I've actually received emails asking me to update by blog. That's when you know you've been ignoring the obvious. So, today is a short update since I have small group tonight and I must leave in about an hour.

So, what's up with this weather? It's January in Ohio and I have wore my winter coat about a handful of times. Currently, Elise is outside running around like a lunatic looking for her friend, Tia Bella. She just rang the door bell with a stick (couldn't reach it otherwise) and yelled, "HI MAMA!" when I opened the door. What a hoot. I'm not complaining about this weather, don't get me wrong...I'm just wondering when the bottom will drop out on us. My Flowering Quince bush is blooming in JANUARY!

I spend a better part of today at a wrestling meet. Yep, Tucker is wrestling for Lakota Ridge Junior School. He wrestles in the 92 pound weight class (he weighs 89 pounds). Let me just say that these meets are very "stressful" for me. Not kidding when I say that I am a total basket case. I have heart palpitations, can't stray too far from the restroom , hands shaking....I'm a mess. It's actually quite pathetic. I did have the presense of mind to video tape the matches today, alibet a "shakey" recording it will be. Not to be a braggart, Tucker's record is 10 wins and one loss. He wrestled three times today and pinned his opponent everytime. Wrestling can be very exciting....I will say that. For all the anxiety that it causes me, he seems to enjoy it and as long as that's the case, what's a mother to do?

For those of you who do not know it, we are adopting again. Yes, you heard it right. Our documents for our second adoption from China were mailed to China on September 1st and officially logged into their adoption process on September 26, 2006. Currently, our documents are in what is referred to as the "Non special needs" route, but our hearts are open to the possibilities of adopting a child with medical needs. Let me first emphasis that these children with medical needs are typically taken very good care of in China and once in the US thrive like any other child. The medical needs are easily taken care of either in China or here. It's just a classification that China must give these children since they may have had some medical issues early in life.

All of this being said, the adoption process in China has changed 180 degrees since we brought Elise home two years ago. Speaking of which, two years ago today is the first time I saw my sweet daughter's face. I'll never forget my co-worker Claire watching over my shoulder as I clicked on the "open" button of the email to look at the photo the agency had sent me. I had my eyes closed and all I could hear was Claire say, "Boy Sister, you got a deal!" Gotta love your friend's honesty. We waited six months to find out about Elise once our documents were sent to China. The current wait is 14-16 months (UGH) and is getting longer. The other thing is that China has dramatically changed the requirements for adoptive parents. These changes will not be enforced for anyone that already has their documents in China. At least that is what they are saying, but the cynical side of me doesn't necessarily believe that. The problem in China now is that so many people have requested children, that the demand is more than the supply. How can that be you say? It's true, Elise's orphanage is now closed and another family has told me that the orphanage their daughter is from typically has around 400 children in it. They currently have 200 children. Most of this is due to fewer children being abandoned by birth families which is a very good thing. Economic conditions are improving in China and families are less likely to abandon a child if they are financially sound. So, we will wait and see what God has in store for our family. We aren't getting any younger, but I'm sure God has the perfect child in mind to complete our family. This will be our LAST child....we are all in agreement on that!
Then there's the entire adoption community as a whole....this time around, I have encountered more intolerance of Christians and people with faith than I can believe. I am shocked at the people that openly request that individuals involved in internet support groups refrain from expressing anything that has to do with God in their emails/posts. Again, I'm shocked and dismayed. I would have thought in today's society that embraces everything, it wouldn't be a problem...but Christianity is. It makes me very sad for those people.

I've blogged enough for now. I have attached a photo of Steve's mom and Tim. They came to visit right before Christmas. I'll blog more about that at another time. I'm off to group!