Friday, June 19, 2009


Summer is underway and before I know it, it will be July! Where does the time go?? No exciting vacations planned due to the economy and other unfortunately circumstances. So we'll hang out at home and make our own fun!
Elise just finished her first year of dance class with a year-end recital. I was so proud of how she came around and performed. She tends to just stare at the audience and do nothing during this type of thing. But I found she'll dance, she still won't do the little performances at school (singing etc.), but she'll dance.

I took her to have her photo taken in her recital dress. This is our favorite. I have to say, she leans toward stunning. I can say that since I had nothing to do with her looks ;-) .

Thanks YOU ROCK! Elise danced to "Under the Sea" and "Teddy Bear".

This is her shakin' her groove to Teddy Bear. She's even smiling a little bit!
Tucker is off to camp this week. He requested to go to "Junior War College and Military Strategy School. I hesitated, thought it was just one of those gimmicks that sophomores get when they take the PSAT test. We discussed it at length and since it was the very first thing that he asked to do outside of scouting, I had to say yes. We loaded up Betty (that's my Envoy) and headed to Dahlonega for a 10 day camp. The drive was challenging with three children bickering in the backseat. But we made it.
I snapped this photo while two of the three were snoozing. I wish I could sleep like that and not ache for the next several hours when I do sleep in the car. Ah, the joys of flexibility and youthfulness.
I do love the hazy, lazy days of summer, with a splash if Tazo Black Iced Tea...ahhhhhh!

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Sherri and Todd said...

What a cute picture. You are so right about sleeping in a car like that. I would be hurting for days!